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Louis Berger is a private French company, founded in 1975, independent from any industrial or financial group. It provides consulting and advisory services worldwide through support in the design and implementation of infrastructure, development programs. Louis Berger also operates in the fields of institutional development, economic development, and social and environmental development to fulfill its clients’ needs (governments, private sector and international funding agencies).

Louis Berger possesses not only human resources, but also know-how and excellent references in the fields of program and project management, project design and design studies, acquired and refined in over thirty years of experience. The combination of both experience and geographical versatility in its operations makes Louis Berger one of the world’s leaders in the field of assistance to project managers and the success of their projects.

The Louis Berger's integrated management system Quality - Safety - Environment is certified by AFNOR Certfication on the following standard references : ISO-9001 (2008), ISO 14001 (2004) and OHSAS 18001.

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Louis Berger is certified by AFNOR Certifications on the standard references ISO 9001 (2008), ISO 14001 (2004) and OHSAS 18001.